Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Open Government Scorecard

I have created an Open Government Scorecard that accurately reflects the specific reforms set out in the Open Government Online amendment.

This Scorecard was sent on Monday to all members of the City Council with a request that they send a response back by next Monday, the 3rd.

Several council members, local media pundits, and council candidates have been responding to the Open Government Online Amendment by saying: “I like open government, just not this amendment.” Certain council members have made amorphous promises to make some open government ordinances someday—regardless of what the voters decide in May. They have not, as of yet, committed to either a timetable or to specific open government reforms. They say that they agree with the goals of the amendment, but not its implementation.

So, let's all take a step back from the politics and look at what the amendment really is: The Open Government Online Amendment is a request for a very specific list of reforms on a very specific timetable. It is, in effect, a position statement.

Will the opponents state their position?

I hope that this Scorecard will allow for a debate based on the amendment and its goals and not on erroneous interpretations and will allow the voters to see where the objections truly lie.

Open Government Scorecard
Letter to Lee Leffingwell
Letter to Council


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